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Portainer stack environment variables

A Swarm stack will be deployed using the equivalent of docker stack deploy whereas a Compose stack will be deployed using the equivalent of docker-compose. NOTE: Type 3 (Compose stack) is limited to using the version: “2” stack format, this is a.

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Overview. Portainer Stack Utils is a CLI client for Portainer written in Go. Attention: The master branch contains the next major version, still unstable and under heavy development. A more stable (and also older) version is available as a Bash script in release 0.1.1, and also as a Docker image. There is ongoing work in 1-0-next branch to. Environment: This instruction specifies environment variables that are set for the container when it runs. Ports: This type of instruction helps in identifying port mappings between the container and the Docker host. This is just like the -p flag that we pass to Docker run. Links:.

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When deploying stack, deployment environment variables are not being set. Expected behavior When deploying a stack, deployment variables show in the stack's environment variable section and/or on the affected containers.Portainer Logs No logs were produced during the deployment of the stack in the portainer container. Steps to reproduce the issue:. docker run - run this container, initially.

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You need to stop the container (s) (and in some cases outright remove it), edit your stack , and click "update the stack " to re-deploy. Don't worry about killing/recreating containers during config changes; they are designed to be very disposable and can be stood up/killed very easily. 1 More posts from the portainer community 3 Posted by u/DiHannay.

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After deploying a stack with portainer it is impossible to change the enviroment variables of the stack which have been set before deployment. Expected behavior To see a list off the enviroment variables in which they can be edited just like before the deployment.

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